Tasmania whilst reasonably small compared to other Australian states, makes it an easy place to explore by car. It has a small population and there are very few freeways but the two-lane roads are mostly well-maintained and the traffic is reasonably light.
The following information will provide a guide to distances and driving times.
On many road maps, you will see letters from A to C ascribed to Tasmanian roads:

  • A roads are major sealed highways.
  • B roads are secondary sealed roads.
  • C roads are often unsealed.
Some unsealed roads require extra care. Be aware that Rental Agreements have special conditions in relation to unsealed roads. You cannot use Overdrive Car Hire vehicles on other than A, B, or C category roads. Convertibles are not to be driven on C roads with the top open or windows down.
When estimating driving distances and times, you should always allow extra time for your journey. Roads can be winding and steep, especially on the east and west coasts. And wherever you travel, you'll be tempted to stop to take in the sights and explore along the way.
During the winter months – and occasionally in spring – highland roads may become icy and snow covered. Please take the usual safety precautions and discuss driving conditions with Overdrive Car Hire
Starting point to destination Distance (kms)  and approximate duration


St Helens (via Scottsdale) 163 km - 2 hrs 20 min
Bicheno (via Campbell Town) 206 km - 3 hrs
Coles Bay (via Campbell Town) 209 km - 3 hrs
Hobart (via Midlands Hwy) 198 km - 2 hrs 20 min
Cradle Mountain 149 km - 1 hr 55 min
Strahan (via Cradle Mountain) 298 km - 3 hrs 55 min
Devonport 99 km - 1 hr 15 min
Queenstown (via Sheffield) 251 km - 3 hrs 30 min



Bicheno (via Sorell) 178 km - 3 hrs
Port Arthur 93 km - 1 hr - 30 min
Cradle Mountain (via Midlands & Bass Highways) 302 km - 4 hrs 15 min
Queenstown 260 km - 3 hrs 40 min
Strahan 300 km - 4 hours
Coles Bay 192 km - 3 hrs
Geeveston (via Huon Hwy) 62 km - 50 min
Kettering (via Channel Hwy) 37 km - 30 min
Devonport (via Midlands Hwy) 277 km - 3 hrs 30 min
St Helens 265 km 165 miles - 4 hrs





Queenstown 176 km - 2 hrs 25 min
Devonport 49 km - 40 min
Smithton 85 km - 1 hour
Hobart 349 km - 4 hours

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