Rate Basis
Rates are based on 24 hour periods and generally include Damage Liability Cover and limited mileage. For an additional fee, you may reduce your Damage Liability in event of accident or damage. Options can be selected when booking your vehicle online, or when collecting your vehicle.

Age Restrictions
Persons aged between 25-75 years and in possession of a valid driver’s licence, may drive the car with Overdrive’s prior permission.
Additional drivers must be fully licensed and nominated on the Rental Agreement.

Drivers License
A valid driver's licence is required for all operators of Overdrive vehicles. The licence must remain valid throughout the rental period.
Driver's licences accepted in Australia are:
• license’s issued by any Australian state or territory
• a license issued by a US State, territory or possession
• a licence issued by a country that participated in the 1949 Geneva convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile
• a foreign country licence provided it is in English, or accompanied with a certified stamped English translated copy.
• International licences, accompanied with originating country licence showing proof of current address.

Individuals with Learner's Permits, Provisional or Probationary licenses may not operate Overdrive vehicles. Overdrive is unable to rent a car to anyone with a suspended, revoked, expired, cancelled or surrendered driver's licence.
It is an offence in Australia if you do not carry your licence with you when operating a vehicle.

Distance Charges
All rentals include an allowance of 200 kilometres per day. This allowance is cumulative over the rental period with excess kilometres charged at 50cents per kilometre.

Security Bond
A bond is payable at delivery, dependent on level of damage liability selected at time of rental. Refunds are made within 7 days of the vehicle being checked in on return. It may take an additional 5 working days before the credit appears on your statement. Additional charges where applicable will be deducted from the bond.

Your Overdrive vehicle is comprehensively insured, however an excess amount applies in the event of any loss or damage. The excess, and the amount applicable to reduce it, varies in accordance with vehicle type. An additional $2500 applies to single vehicle damage.

Cover is offered subject to conditions of the Rental Agreement.

Payment methods
A Credit Card is required to hire a vehicle from Overdrive. We accept MasterCard, Visa & debit cards.

Vehicle Usage Restrictions
Specific restrictions may apply to the use of rented vehicles on unsealed roads. There is no cover on the vehicle if it is damaged whilst driven on un-sealed roads. Please check for full details when renting vehicle.

Rate Guarantee
The reservation is confirmed according to the details agreed upon at time of making booking. Any changes to the dates or times and vehicle type may cause the rate to change.

Holding Vehicles
Rental is deemed to commence from the requested time of pickup. We reserve the right to release the vehicle two hours after the scheduled pickup time. Please notify us, by calling our office, of any delays prior to the time of arrival. Failure to advise late arrival may result in the forfeit of monies paid.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy
A minimum of $200 is required on booking. This amount is Non-refundable but a credit may be applied if re-booking within 12 months.

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