{"136":["136","2018 Jaguar E-Pace","Stunning compact SUV","2.0 Litre Turbo Diesel delivering 132kw with incredible 430Nm of torque.\r\n9 Speed  Auto with Paddle Shifts.\r\nLuxury Leather Trim, Heated Seats, Sat Nav. Lane Change Technology, Cruise Control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Jaguar-e1556850036944.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Jaguar-e1556850036944.png","Jaguar's new compact SUV, a unique combination of stunning looks, amazing agility and dynamic driving.",541],"68":["68","2015 Porsche Boxster 981","Ignite your driving passion!","Sports auto PDK transmission\r\n2.7L petrol motor\r\n195Kw & 280 Nm Torque\r\n2 door convertible\r\nSeats 2\r\nSports Chrono, cruise control\r\nElectric seats, sat nav","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Boxster15-e1549495833397.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Boxster15-e1549495833397.png","The ultimate drive, superbly balanced and relishes Targa roads.  In Guards red, guaranteed to turn heads!",508],"133":["133","2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia","Award Winning Stylish Italian Design","Transmission: 8 speed auto (shift paddles)\r\nPerformance: 2.0 turbo motor, 147Kw \r\nSeats: 5, 4 door\r\nFeatures: Active cruise control, sat nav, Sport S leather seats & steering wheel\r\n","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Giulia18-e1549496293628.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Giulia18-e1549496293628.png","Alfa Romeo Giulia (Veloce pack). Italian style, great handling and a punchy engine combined for an exceptional driving experience.\r\n",497],"123":["123","2017 Mustang GT500","The American thoroughbred","Transmission: 6 speed select shift\r\nPerformance: 303kW, 5.0L V8\r\nSeats: 4 seats, 2 door fastback\r\nFeatures: Satellite navigation, climate control, adaptive cruise control, multi-touch screen ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mustang-gt500-1.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mustang-gt500-1.png","Feel the power of this iconic American muscle car \u2013 featuring a growling V8 that will conquer any Tasmanian road.",431],"57":["57","2017 Mini Cooper-S","Iconic design - modern style","Transmission: 6 Speed Sports Auto\r\nEngine: 141 KW, 2.0L Turbo\r\nSeats: 4 Seats, 3 Door Hatchback\r\nFeatures: Satellite Navigation, Cruise Control, Climate Control, ABS \/ EBD \/ Traction Control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Mini.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Mini.png","Explore the roads of Tasmania in the iconic Mini Cooper \u2013 complete with all the latest technology.",433],"111":["111","2017 Subaru BRZ","Handling & power without compromise","Transmission: 6 speed manual \r\nPerformance: 152kW, 2.0L aspirated engine\r\nSeats: 4 seats, 3 door coupe\r\nFeatures: Multi-function touch screen, climate control 2 zone, ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/brz-coupe-1.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/brz-coupe-1.png","Embrace the curves of Tasmania\u2019s coastline in this power-packed manual coupe.",424],"113":["113","2018 Mazda MX5 RF Roadster","A world favourite - nimble & sporty","Transmission: 6 speed sports manual\r\nPerformance: 118kW, 2.0L engine\r\nSeats: 2 door hard top convertible, 2 seats\r\nFeatures: Cruise control, traction control and electronic stability control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mX5.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mX5.png","Feel the wind in your hair with the sporty and speedy MX5.",425],"87":["87","2014 BMW Z4 Roadster","Targa roads beckon","Transmission: 8 speed sports auto\r\nPerformance: 180kW, 2.0L turbo intercooled engine\r\nSeats: 2 seats, 2 door convertible.\r\nFeatures: Satellite Navigation, climate control, ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control.","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Z4.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Z4.png","This BMW Z4 Roadster (sDrive 28i) pairs sleek performance with bold power \u2013 the ultimate way to make the most of Tasmania's driving.",432],"129":["129","2016 BMW 220i Convertible","The classic convertible","Transmission: 8 speed auto \r\nPerformance: 135kW, 2.0L turbo \r\nSeats: 4 seats, 2 door convertible\r\nFeatures: Satellite navigation, climate control, ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control, multi-touch screen","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/220i.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/220i.png","This ever-sleek BMW combines performance with a classic design sure to turn heads.",427],"124":["124","2017 Audi Q7","Premium AWD SUV - powerful & luxurious","Transmission: 8 speed sports auto \r\nPerformance: 200kW, 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine\r\nSeats: 7 seats, 5 Door SUV\r\nFeatures: Satellite navigation, climate control, adaptive cruise control, multi-touch screen ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/audi-q7-1.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/audi-q7-1.png","Just arrived from Germany, this powerful Audi seats seven in absolute luxury.",430],"85":["85","2016 Porsche Cayenne AWD","World's best sports SUV","3.0L diesel motor\r\n193Kw & 580 Nm torque\r\nFull sunroof, active cruise control\r\nElectric seats, sat nav & bluetooth","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Cayenne16-e1543975280493.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Cayenne16-e1543975280493.png","Combine the practicality of an SUV with the performance & handling of a true sports car",512]}
AudiBMWFordJaguarLand RoverMazdaMercedes BenzSubaruMini
AudiBMWFordJaguarLand RoverMazdaMercedes BenzSubaruMini


The destination is only half the fun

Tasmania has more than 1,000 mountain peaks, four distinct seasons, more than 40 per cent of our Island is protected as national parks and reserves, and we have some of the world’s rarest animals. Our air is scientifically proven to be the world’s cleanest. Our produce, seafood and wines taste wonderful. The US National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s Sustainable Tourism Initiative ranked us equal third, in the world, for wise land stewardship.


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  • Harvey S
    UK, May 2018
    If you're coming to Tassie don't hire a boring car. IMO Tasmania has the best driving roads in the world and hardly any traffic. I've used Overdrive twice now, once via pickup from their office and once via the Airport. Both times the services was fantastic and the Airport pickup fantastically seamless!
  • Martin H
    Australia, July 2017
    Thank you for a great experience. The SLK was a dream to drive and I thoroughly enjoyed it from the time I picked it up. It was a great way to see that beautiful state of yours and I had the best time. Again, thank you and I will highly recommend you guys to anyone I know travelling to Tassie .
  • Leigh S
    Australia, January 2018
    Overdrive were very good to deal with, I booked the car well ahead of time and it was presented in great condition and the whole process went very smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone who was contemplating doing as I did.
  • Alex L
    Australia, December 2017
    Very easy to deal with, and a phenomenal experience in a phenomenal car!