{"165":["165","2021 Nissan 370Z","Modern, Dynamic Performance","Amazing performance from the 3.7L V6 providing 245kws of power and 363Nm torque with 7 speed auto with paddle shifts.\r\n\r\nFeatures Sat Nav, Cruise Control, Heated Seats, Blue Tooth connectivity and all safety features for driving pleasure.","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/370Z-632x420-1.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/370Z-632x420-1.png","Much acclaimed by motoring enthusiasts, the 370Z Sports Coupe will reward you in every sense. Looks stunning in Cherry Red.",1000],"105":["105","2021 Range Rover Sport SE","Stunning prestige SUV, See and be seen","Transmission: 6 speed sports automatic\r\nPerformance:  183KW of power from 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel motor\r\nSeats: 5 door 4WD, 5 seats\r\nFeatures: sliding panorama sunroof, Heads Up display, Adaptive Cruise Control, Sat Nav, Heated seats & numerous comfort, safety & driver assist features.\r\n","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Range-Rover-Sport-SE.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Range-Rover-Sport-SE.png","Portofino Blue with contrasting Almond Espresso interior",989],"161":["161","2022 MINI Convertible","MINI Cooper S Convertible","Transmission: 6 Speed Sports Auto\r\nEngine: 141 KW, 2.0L Turbo\r\nSeats: 4 Seats, 3 Door Hatchback\r\nFeatures: Satellite Navigation, Cruise Control, Climate Control, ABS \/ EBD \/ Traction Control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022-Green-Mini-3.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022-Green-Mini-3.png","Throw caution to the wind. Enjoy the cleanest air in the world, driving with roof down.  Equally enjoyable for zipping around town and hitting the open road.",981],"154":["154","2018 BMW 430i Convertible","The Classic Covertible","Transmission: 8 speed auto Performance: 185kW, 2.0L petrol turbo delivers 350Nm Seats: 4 seats, 2 door convertible Features: Satellite navigation, climate control, ABS \/ EBD \/ traction control, multi-touch screen & Heads Up display. Electric retractable Hardtop.","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018-BMW-430i.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018-BMW-430i.png","This ever-sleek BMW 4 Series M Sport convertible combines performance with a classic design sure to turn heads.",908],"150":["150","2020 Mercedes Benz GLC200","Elegant Mercedes SUV","2.0L petrol turbo delivering 145kw power & impressive 320nm of torque\r\n9 speed sports auto with paddle shifts\r\nManufactured leather, Apple Car Play, Sat Nav\r\nFull sun roof","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/GLC200.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/GLC200.png","A smooth-riding SUV with all modern features",896],"136":["136","2018 Jaguar E-Pace","Stunning compact SUV","2.0 Litre Turbo Diesel delivering 132kw with incredible 430Nm of torque\r\n9 Speed Auto with Paddle Shifts\r\nLuxury Leather Trim, Heated Seats, Sat Nav. Lane Change Technology, Cruise Control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Jaguar-e1556850036944.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Jaguar-e1556850036944.png","Jaguar's new compact SUV, a unique combination of stunning looks, amazing agility and dynamic driving.",541],"68":["68","2015 Porsche Boxster 981","Ignite your driving passion!","Sports auto PDK transmission\r\n2.7L petrol motor\r\n195Kw & 280 Nm Torque\r\n2 door convertible\r\nSeats 2\r\nSports Chrono, cruise control\r\nElectric seats, sat nav","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Boxster15-e1549495833397.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Boxster15-e1549495833397.png","The ultimate drive, superbly balanced and relishes Targa roads.  In Guards red, guaranteed to turn heads!",508],"123":["123","2021 Mustang GT","The American Thoroughbred","5.0 litre V8\r\nAdaptive cruise control\r\nApple Car Play\r\n10 speed auto with paddle shift\r\n339 Kw 556 Nm torque\r\n8\" touch screen","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Mustang_blue.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/Mustang_blue.png","Feel the power of this iconic American muscle car \u2013 featuring a growling V8 that will conquer any Tasmanian road.",431],"113":["113","2018 Mazda MX5 RF Roadster","A world favourite - nimble & sporty","Transmission: 6 speed sports manual\r\nPerformance: 118kW, 2.0L engine\r\nSeats: 2 door hard top convertible, 2 seats\r\nFeatures: Cruise control, traction control and electronic stability control","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mX5.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/mX5.png","Feel the wind in your hair with the sporty and speedy MX5.",425],"137":["137","Mercedes Benz Valente ","Exceptional comfort","Mercedes Benz quality, comfort and safety combine to provide a great way to travel.  Seats 8 in comfort.  Diesel economy & 120kW turbo performance.  Leather interior and privacy glass for ultimate comfort.","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/8-Seater-Mercedes-Benz.png","https:\/\/overdrivecarhire.com.au\/wp-content\/uploads\/8-Seater-Mercedes-Benz.png","The answer to moving friends and family with a touch of luxury",875]}


AudiBMWFordJaguarLand RoverMazdaMercedes BenzSubaruMini
AudiBMWFordJaguarLand RoverMazdaMercedes BenzSubaruMini


The destination is only half the fun

Tasmania has more than 1,000 mountain peaks, four distinct seasons, more than 40 per cent of our Island is protected as national parks and reserves, and we have some of the world’s rarest animals. Our air is scientifically proven to be the world’s cleanest. Our produce, seafood and wines taste wonderful. The US National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s Sustainable Tourism Initiative ranked us equal third, in the world, for wise land stewardship.


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  • Robert P, Australia
    March 2020, Google
    The most simplest, quickest form of picking up your hire car, great idea !! Arrived at the airport and walked straight into the carpark to where my email said my car would be, entered the number on the box to get the car keys and then loaded the car, which was like brand new. Drove the car for our trip and then filled the car back up by the airport and dropped the car back off in the carpark space I had picked it up from and then locked it and put the key in the drop off box. Why wait around at the other big hire companies to have to sign wavers and show your drivers licence etc when you can do all that up front and simply walk straight out of the airport and collect your car - great idea and one I will use again.
  • Lara B, Australia
    January 2020, Trustpilot
    Thanks Overdrive for a beautiful Alfa Romeo to tour around in, plus such an easy quick pick up and drop off service.
  • Harvey S
    UK, May 2018
    If you're coming to Tassie don't hire a boring car. IMO Tasmania has the best driving roads in the world and hardly any traffic. I've used Overdrive twice now, once via pickup from their office and once via the Airport. Both times the services was fantastic and the Airport pickup fantastically seamless!
  • Leigh S
    Australia, January 2018
    Overdrive were very good to deal with, I booked the car well ahead of time and it was presented in great condition and the whole process went very smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone who was contemplating doing as I did.
  • Alex L
    Australia, December 2017
    Very easy to deal with, and a phenomenal experience in a phenomenal car!